You have always dreamt of being a detective ? Gathering clues and solving a criminal investigation has no secrets for you ? Then watch out and for one evening come and try to solve the murder in the castle.

Murders in the castle or when a guided  visit turns out to be a gigantic Cluedo

In something like 10 castles in Cher, at nightfall, some visitors gather to live a mysterious experience. At the end of day, the visitors are guided through the various rooms of the castle whe all of a sudden a yell of fright is heard and suspends the visit.

The investigation can start. After an obnoxious crime has been committed, the amateur detectives will have to solve the mystery, gather exhibits, question the suspects, and find out who’s guilty and the mobiles so that a jugement can be pronounced.

During the investigation, all the participants are invited to a large cross-questioning room and for 2 hours they will oppose suspects and get clues together to expose the murderer.

Humour, suspense and comedy as keywords

Those kinds of unusual visits have been organized since 2012 along the « Route Jacques Cœur ». In Sauldre and Sologne you can have « Crimes aux Châteaux » (murders in the castles) at the job museum of Argent-sur-Sauldre and at Oizon at La Verrerie castle.

Those visits are animated by non-professional comedians such as the people who live in the place or maintain it. They really love their job and will be happy to share with you their passion for heritage and history. At the end of the visit you will be invited to a chat with a glass of drink.

Humour, suspense and compedy are the keywords of those mysterious evenings, a new original way of discovering Berry heritage.

Come and have fun with your family, friends or collegues to get acquainted with our historically rich places.

The entrance fees are around €20. Those special nights « murder at the castle » take place from February to October. For more information refer to The « Route Jacques Cœur » website.