From the Sologne forests down to the magical banks of the Sauldre river : you will only have to let yourself wander to discover an enchanting world where nature and culture meet in harmony.

The Sologne and Sauldre countryside is an ideal playground for nature enthusiasts or people fond of open air activities. It is definitely suitable for hiking, horseriding, cycling… On your way you will come upon a wild and swarming nature, or buildings of interest : witnesses of a rich and fascinating past and don’t forget to taste the local foodstuff and home-made products.


However advanced your level is, our tracks agree with horseriding and can suit all types of horseriding : wether individual or in groups with the assistance of a guide, they are all adapted for carriages. This will enable you to get acquainted with our territory at a walk, at a trot or at a gallop. Our waymarked paths are part of a 700 kilometers network established by the Sancerre-Sologne country administrators together with the Department commitee for horseriding tourism of Cher and the Sologne paths society altogether. Some local professionnals have selected 13 tours marked out by many accomodation spots and places of interest.


On the current or as you happen to cope upon a pond or through a forest, there are plenty of paths that will lead you to discover our beautiful country. Every track will invite you to contemplation and wonderment : nature, culture, architecture whatsoever, our heritage is in reach of all kinds of hikers either beginners or advanced.

The blue footpath (Sente bleue): hiking along the Sauldre canal 

On a distance of 47 kilometers from Blancafort to Lamotte Beuvron (Loir-et-Cher), you can tread on the « Sente bleue » by the bank of the Sauldre canal. It goes past the pond called « l’Etang du Puits » (the well) and will take you across typical villages from Sologne.

The green footpath (Sente verte)

The green footpath is a storal track along the railway from Bourges to Sully-sur-Loire. It crosses our area and enables the hikers to enjoy the Sologne landscapes and also to follow on Alain Fournier’s footsteps at La Chapelle-d’Angillon or on Nicolas Leblanc’s at Ivoy-le-Pré.


The cycling tracks will appeal to the travellers who are looking for active holidays on uncrowded minor roads or dirt tracks. A biking stay lets people free to discover whole parts of a country in an independant way. One can progress according to his own rate and take time to enjoy landscapes or casual encounters. For those who wish to bike effortlessly, electric bikes are available at the tourist office.

Boating and step-paddling (in summer)

You feel like drifting on the water ? In the middle of nowhere let yourself go with the current with your family or friends on an electric boat for a couple of hours or a whole day long along the Sauldre canal at Argent-sur-Sauldre.

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