Damsels and young squires, if you are fond of knights fights, middle-age costumes or feasting at a banquet livened up with music and shows, do not miss the Medieval Feasts of La Chapelle-d’Angillon.

Diving right into the middle-age period

For 10 years now every first weekend of September has been devoted to the middle-age lovers at La Chapelle-d’Angillon.

During two days, the castle parkland brings about a travel back in the past, and the castle ground is transformed into a medieval battle camp. More than 40 troops gather here to experiment the middle-ages way of life.

Come and take part in the exhibitions of obsolete jobs, observe the way they used to make the armours, weaved wool or made wickerwork.

Béhourd fighting

You may also be interested in « béhourd fighting » : this is a spectacular martial art from the middle ages where the fighters wear a complete armour and hold medieval weapons. The fights are organised according to very precise rules and oppose 2 fighters or entire teams. A team is proclamed winner when all the opponents lie on the ground. In order to avoid injuries, blows made with the cutting edges or the pointed ends of the blades are forbidden as well as the blows on one’s feet, nape or behind one’s knees.

Medieval night market

Why not wander across the different camps, and stroll among the market where more than 60 stalls are waiting for your visit, and let yourself be wondered by the many animations : hawking shows, gigantic games and heraldry classes for children, folk dancing, axes throwing, fencing demonstrations, horse shows with voltige; all of this in a lively and joyful atmosphere with many music bands, comedians and entertainers.

Enjoy the occasion to taste hydromel or hypocras (middle-age specialities made of wine, honey and spices) with moderation of course !

The Saturday night program is also full of surprises with a huge banquet followed by a music concert and a night horse show, and it all comes to a summit with the fireworks over the castle lake.