Loire and Vineyard “Loire et Vignoble”

Magnificent hike where riders will go from the banks of the Loire Valley and the alluvial plain of the Loire Valley to the Sancerrois hills... Varied landscapes, easy routes, many curiosities here and there and in particular the coveted vineyard.

From the east to Assigny (equestrian center and accommodation) and climb to the Fait des Marnes, promontory of the Pays-Fort (365 m above sea level), a semi-circular panoramic (orientation table) is offered to you over the Valley of the Loire, the Puisaye, the Nièvre and the Piton de Sancerre. Continue on the edge of the Pays-Fort with some beautiful reliefs to reach the alluvial plain towards Léré. There, linger around the canal, the haltenautique and the Loire that you will follow before heading back down towards Boulleret. You can stop at the campsite in Bannay (equestrian center) whose lock is worth a detour. Then take the route back to Sainte-Gemme en Sancerrois. A detour of the circuit will take you to the famous village of Chavignol. Then go up towards Menetou-Râtel, Subligny...


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  • Distance : 60 km
  • Elevation : 1044 m
  • Duration of roaming : 3 day(s)

Distance : 60 km

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Loire and Vineyard “Loire et Vignoble”


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