Les Châtaigniers de Santranges

Small pleasant circuit through the grove and two small typical villages, between Pays-Fort and Sancerrois.

Departure from Santranges to descend towards the South in a landscape of openings, small paths and bocage.
Arrival in Sury ès Bois overlooked by the church of Saint-Martin, of Romanesque origin, magnificently restored and from which some polychrome wall paintings have been saved. Continue towards the picturesque hamlet of Chevaise and make the detour to circuit 7 to reach the magnificent site of Fait des Marnes in Assigny, promontory of the Pays-Fort (365 m above sea level) where a semi-circular panoramic (orientation table ) is offered to you in the Loire Valley, Puisaye, Nièvre and Piton de Sancerre. Go up the Loire side of the circuit, with the possibility of joining circuit 11.
Return to Santranges via the hamlet of La Grande Borne and the Guédon mill.


More details

  • Distance : 32 km
  • Elevation : 424 m
  • Duration of roaming : 2 day(s)

Distance : 32 km

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Les Châtaigniers de Santranges


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