La Montagne des Marnes

Small circuit very pleasant and easy despite a few drops for a day of relaxation between valleys, green landscapes and rustic hamlets.

A good start will be made from the site of La balance in Jars-Le Noyer (camping, games, mini-golf, fishing), up to the Bois de la Passe which offers a beautiful drop and a magnificent viewpoint. At a place called the Montagne des Marnes, leave the path and climb 150 m for a beautiful view of the Sancerrois, highest point at 375 m. Arrival at Menetou-Râtel, which delimits Champagne Berrichonne and Sancerrois, a village through which you pass by numerous agricultural hamlets, the town is very extensive.
From this point, you can go to Sancerre by route 13 (about 7 km). Otherwise, at a place called Les Farges, in the town of Le Noyer, make a detour (500 m) then go up towards the village by crossing a ford on the Grande Sauldre to return to La Balance.


More details

  • Distance : 23 km
  • Elevation : 350 m
  • Duration of roaming : 1 day(s)

Distance : 23 km

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La Montagne des Marnes

18260 LE NOYER

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