Representations : “L’Oiseau bleu” & “Danse ton patrimoine”

The 08/09/2024


As part of the Berdigne Berdogne rural heritage festival, we're hosting two shows.

the Blue Bird - 2pm
A turn-of-the-century philosophical and poetic tale about the search for happiness
and the relationship between man and nature in the age of the industrial revolution
industrial revolution.

dance your heritage - 4pm
A chance to meet, laugh and dance as a family. Dance for everyone, everywhere
everywhere. It's time to knit our own swing, to compose our own dance, together, here and now
dance, together, here and now, just for the beauty of the gesture
for the beauty of the gestures of our heritage.


The 08/09/2024

  • Sunday : from 14h00


Fares Min. Max.
Full adult price 5€
Discount rate 3€

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Representations : “L’Oiseau bleu” & “Danse ton patrimoine”


18330 NANCAY

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