Musique et humour : L’amour qui me meut

The 12/10/2024


Jaouen became a father. That changes everything. Well, for him, because for us, not much.

He comes to sing songs written (with difficulty) with a pen, to talk about love, to give it to us, to make it circulate. Between songs, he shares his tribulations as a father. We meet him again for a third opus (because we say more album, but it is the same thing).

In short, a new show that provides an opportunity to laugh, sing and be moved
to sing, to be moved...


The 12/10/2024

  • Saturday : from 20h30


Fares Min. Max.
Full adult price 10€
Discount rate 5€

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Musique et humour : L’amour qui me meut

Salle Jacques Prévert


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