Etang de la Bassineries Méry-es-Bois (pond)

Designed for angling, this pond has a dike surmounted by a path to allow access to the banks for vehicles. To the west, an alignment of black poplars has been planted between the gravel path and the meadows.

Designed for fishing and built directly in the bed of the Le Moquart stream, this pond is surrounded by a dike supporting a grassy path, cut short, allowing you to go around it completely. It thus has a space equipped for picnics.

In the center of the dike a plug has been installed. The latter has a fishery downstream from the dike. This arrangement facilitates the sorting of fish during emptying.

The stream feeds the pond to the southwest. To the south, the site is bordered by the departmental 22. Beyond is the Bois des Marnières.

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Etang de la Bassineries Méry-es-Bois (pond)


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