You must come across the history of this exceptionnal castle which is nestled by a large lake surrounded by a forest. It was named after a small glass factory which used to stand by the lake and was demolished in 1815.

The castle of La Verrerie, a pure renaissance gem, was built thanks to Béraud Stuart.

In 1422, the whole Aubigny-sur-Nère estate was granted by the French King Charles VII to Jean Stuart of Darnley, a Scottish army constable as a reward for his help to the French kingdom according to the Auld Alliance.

The castle was built at the end of the XVth century. At that time, Béraud Stuart was back from his campain in Italy and he had the main building built as an extension to the existing chapel which is now linked to the renaissance gallery built in 1525 by Robert Stuart, a comrade in arms of Bayard.

It belonged to the Stuart family for more than 200 years (form 1423 to 1672), then King Louis XIV granted it to Louise de Kéroualle Duchess of Portsmouth and favourite of the English King at the time.

This castle is placed on the « Route Jacques Cœur » and near the paths where the French author of Le Grand Meaulnes, Alain Fournier, used to enjoy wandering.

Since 1842, it has been the De Vogue family’s property, who along with other castle owners have contributed to the creation of the « Route Jacques Cœur ».

One has to visit the elegant and gorgeous renaissance gallery built in the XVIth century by Robert Stuart. During the staged visit you will then come across a magnificient dining-room, ornamented with two XVIIIth century tapestries from Beauvais, many function rooms, a library…

Staged visits, concerts, weddings sometimes take place here thus making the castle so lively that it can’t be overlooked.


Opening period : from April to September
Address : Château de la Verrerie, Les Naudins, 18700 Oizon
Phone number : 02 48 73 67 06
Price : from 6€ to 9€
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