The Loire and its hillsides

A trail combining breathtaking views over the Loire countryside and the Sancerre vineyards where Sauvignon blanc is made. Alluvial forest, dry grassland and sand banks on the one hand, and vine-covered hillsides and vinegrowers' houses on the other.

This is a truly outstanding nature trail wending its way deep into the Loire Valley National Nature Reserve. It takes you through Ménétréol-sous-Sancerre, a charming village caught in an embrace between vines and the Loire, with narrow streets lined with vinegrowers' houses whose cellars are half buried and outdoor stairways are typical of the region. Indulge in a quiet moment next to contemplate the wildlife bustling about on La Gargaude islands (including the Black woodpecker, Middle-spotted woodpecker, Willow tit…). You've reached the "Loire of the islands": alluvial forest, dry grasslands and sand banks... The Sancerre hillsides will then take you up into Sauvignon blanc country, where you must stop for a taster session with one of the many winemakers dotted along the way!


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  • Distance : 25 km
  • Daily duration : 02:20 hours

Distance : 25 km

Duration : 02:20 h

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The Loire and its hillsides


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