Between vines and heritage

This trail offers up stunning views over the Sancerre vineyards, refreshment breaks in each of the winemaking villages and tours around the atypical churches to be found in Bannay and Sainte-Gemme-en-Sancerrois for example. There's no doubt about it - this is Sancerre country!

The breathtaking views over the Sancerre vine-planted hillsides will more than make up for your pedalling efforts! Treat yourself to some relaxing downtime in the vinegrowing villages nestling in the dips of the valleys too, such as Verdigny or Sury-en-Vaux and their hamlets dotted here and there. Then head back to the Loire Valley to admire Bannay church, which was partially destroyed by the Protestants in the 16th century. Its reconstruction was completed in 1781. The 13th century church at Sainte-Gemme-en Sancerrois looks like it is emerging from a sea of vines, like a "lighthouse over the vineyard".


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  • Distance : 25 km
  • Daily duration : 03:00 hours

Distance : 25 km

Duration : 03:00 h

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Between vines and heritage

18300 BANNAY

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