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Several shows : on the uselessness of reading or 6 good reasons to stop reading : for their TV show, two hostess offer to succeed in a jiffy, to detach definitively from reading and its inconveniences.

Armande Ferry-Wilczek : a luminous and deep voice, Armande Ferry-Wilczek's texts are both raw and poetic.
This is "French song", les deux moiselles de B: Les deux moiselles offer an outdoor version of their next show, on the market !
Save the daisies : Collectors of bad seeds, weeds, dunces, dreamers and incongruous stories, the members of Pelouse Secours invite the curious to pick up these wild and indomitable species to music.
Nouvelle vague, les deux moiselles de B : While Juliette Rillard and Amandine de Doncker sing and play songs from or made for the cinema, Mickaël Roux draws.
Malakit Duo : Misunderstandings, emptiness, pretense, game tracks and pretexts for daily poetry.

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Friday April 29, 5 p.m., Aubigny-sur-Nère library : The uselessness of reading or 6 good reasons to stop reading, theater (free). Friday April 29, 8:30 p.m., Château des Stuarts : Armande Ferry-Wilczek, song. Saturday 30 April 11 a.m., Place Adrien Arnoux : This is French song, les deux moiselles de B (free). Saturday 30 April 4.30 p.m., La Forge : Save the Daisies. Saturday 30 April 8.30 p.m., La Forge : New wave, both moiselles de B. Sunday May 1, 4.30 p.m., La Forge: Malakit Duo.

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Full permission to the Coqcigrue group !


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