Evelyne Fouju’s exhibition


Exhibition by Evelyne Fouju. Dry pastel, pastel on linen, watercolor pastel, acrylic.
To be discovered at the tourist information office in Nançay.

Evelyne Fouju began painting in 2003 with the acrylic technique.
She then discovered dry pastel thanks to a pastel teacher and found her voice in this technique.

She has been engaged in this technique for more than 10 years because she loves the texture of chalk, the mixtures of colors and especially the way of working with this material.
Fervent by nature, she began to paint flowers, landscapes of our beautiful Sologne and through her travels of seascapes or during her travels in the Hautes Pyrénées "the mountain" ...

Today she presents all this to you during this exhibition and in addition to pastel derivative techniques, other than watercolor pastel.

Contact information

Evelyne Fouju’s exhibition

5 Rue du Château

18330 NANCAY

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