Need to relax ? You can always go for a walk in the Sologne full nature. Today, we take you out to get some fresh air in a sensitive natural area : the “Landes” peat bog (the peat boag of the moors) in Ménétréol-sur-Sauldre.

Sologne is well known for its bog forests, heathers and ponds, and offers multiple landscapes with more than 500 ha in the center of France.

Did you know you could find peat bogs here ?

Among all the landscapes you can find here in Sologne, you will find bogs ! In Sauldre and Sologne, you will find one : the “Landes” bog in Ménétréol-sur-Sauldre

What is a bog ?

Generally having a bad reputation, bogs (or peat bogs) are very humid natural areas present at the edge of ponds, on poorly permeable soils where water is stagnant. It is this water retention depriving the environment of oxygen that will allow the accumulation of many plants, thus creating peat.

These ecosystems are considered today as mysterious and fragile places. They are especially appreciated for their fauna and flora diversity that they shelter.

In Ménétréol-sur-Sauldre, the “Landes” peat bog is located on the bed of the little Sauldre on the edge of two communal ponds towards the village of Souesmes. This 10 ha natural site is one of the last in a good state of conservation in the Centre-Val de Loire region.

It is not for nothing that this site is classified “sensitive natural space” !

The sensitive natural spaces

Directed by the departments, the sensitive natural areas (ENS), are places that contribute to the landscape conservation, sites and natural habitats. Their goal is double : to promote the preservation of biodiversity while allowing these sites to be opened to the public.

A remarquable biodiversity

The site of the “Landes” peat bog brings together a mixture of peaty habitats, humid moors and swampy woodlands typical of Sologne. A variety of plant materials such as vascular plants (sundews, sphagnum…) and mosses populate the site. The latter is also a major site for the preservation of acid peat bogs in Sologne and the Centre-Val de Loire region.

Visit the Landes peat bog

Relax and enjoy a walk at the heart of those idyllic landscapes.

Today the site of the Landes peat bog is classified as sensitive natural areas can only be visited as part of nature walks organized by the Conservatory of Natural Areas of the Centre-Val de Loire region (CEN-CVL).

The Nature Image Découverte association has 4 dates :

Sunday 7th of march from 9 am to 11 am
Friday 2nd of april from 5.30 pm to 7 pm
Friday 4th of june from 6 pm to 7.30 pm
Friday 2nd of july from 7 pm to 9 pm

Information and booking : 02 48 58 66 33.