Alain Fournier and Le Grand Meaulne’s birthplace.

In the Xth century a few monks built a priory to dwell in and a chapel for the pilgrims who came here to  pray a so called « Jack the hermit ». This is how St Jacques‘s chapel was born and became afterwords La Chapelle d’Angillon. You can’t separate this village’s history from the Boisbelle principality, an ancient free land of France enclosed in the Berry province. This land is well-known  for having belonged to the Great Sully who established here a new town :  « Henrichemont » which was dedicated to King Henry IV. Nowadays, 636 inhabitants live at La Chapelle d’Angillon. This is also Alain Fournier’s birthplace. He wrote « Le Grand Meaulnes » a world best-seller. His house stands by the side of the road but is not open to the public.