Wines and Potters “Vins et Potiers”

Very nice circuit, hilly and wooded between Pays-Fort and the Menetou-Salon vineyards.

Possibility of departure from Humbligny (accommodation and equestrian center) on the neighboring circuit (n ° 13). Join the circuit, about 3 km away and head west to the famous Motte d'Humbligny, the highest point in the Pays-Fort at 431 m and a beautiful tourist panorama.
Then go back to the village of Morogues.
Then set off again through wooded reliefs and dense grove in which the village of La Borne is dedicated to terracotta.
Then take the departure towards the North, very wooded area until Neuilly en Sancerre where the landscapes open towards the Sancerrois.
Return to Humbligny via the other side.

More information :
For any information, contact the Sancerre Tourist Office.


More details

  • Distance : 40 km
  • Elevation : 663 m
  • Duration of roaming : 2 day(s)

Distance : 40 km

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Wines and Potters “Vins et Potiers”


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