Walk of Boisbelle “Balade de Boisbelle”

This route runs through the former principality of Boisbelle and offers riders relief, but very accessible, and a rather forest landscape. It is the history of France that will be told before your eyes.

Departing from Henrichemont (campsite) or Ivoy-le-Pré (bed and breakfast), where your horses will be well received, cross beautiful valleys in the forest of Ivoy-le-Pré to go up to the village of Villegenon (from there you can reach the village of Vailly-sur-Sauldre).

Take the circuit back to a place called Bréviande where you can go to rest for one night in Jars-Le Noyer. Charming village in the Pays-Fort on the borders of Sancerrois where you will find real Chavignol dung at the Brissauderie goat farm.

After this stage, descend through the wood of Nancray to reach the village of La Chapelotte then devote yourself to the essential stage of the potters' village, the Contemporary Ceramic Center and the museums. Return to Henrichemont.


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  • Distance : 50 km
  • Duration of roaming : 2 day(s)

Distance : 50 km

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Walk of Boisbelle “Balade de Boisbelle”

18250 Henrichemont

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