Sente Verte : a bucolic walk in Berry-Sologne

The green trail is a hiking trail that follows the old railway line Bourges-Sully-sur-Loire. It crosses the Sauldre and Sologne area and offers hikers beautiful landscapes but also the traces of the passages of the writer Alain-Fournier and the chemical surgeon Nicolas Leblanc.

To discover in Aubigny-sur-Nère: Saint-Martin church, the house known as François 1er, the Grands Jardins, the Victorine house, the Pierre Rateau museum, the Augustins cloister, the Auld Alliance interpretation centre, the half-timbered houses, the ponds, the Nère promenade.

To discover in Ennordres: the church of Saint-Martin, the Chapel of Saint-Georges, the pond of Arrachis, the old wash-house.

To discover in Ivoy-le-Pré : The church and the Saint-Aignan fountain, the auditorium house, the wash house, Nicolas Leblanc's house.

To discover at La Chapelle d'Angillon: The castle and the museum Alain Fournier, the church of Saint-Jacques, the birth house of Alain Fournier.


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  • Distance : 30 km
  • Daily duration : 04:00 hours

Distance : 30 km

Duration : 04:00 h

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Sente Verte : a bucolic walk in Berry-Sologne

18380 Ennordres

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