Nançay, a land of stars in Sologne

The walk invites you to discover a very pretty village of Sologne, "a mysterious village on the edge of the earth", tells us Alain-Fournier, whose father was from there.

How can we believe that the heart of the Sologne forest and the shady valleys of the Lerne and the Rère (rivers) open the doors to Heaven ? A trip to the radio astronomy center and the Pôle des étoiles in Nançay is enough to be convinced of this.


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  • Distance : 10,5 km
  • Daily duration : 02:30 hours
  • Duration of roaming : 0,5 day(s)

Distance : 10,5 km

Duration : 02:30 h

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Nançay, a land of stars in Sologne

Place de l'Église

18330 NANCAY

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