Escapades nature à l’étang du Puits

The 24/04/2024


Come and discover the site's rich bird life. On the banks of the lake, come and watch the birds and discover the plants and trees of the wetlands.

Walk around the pond and canal. Early in the morning, come and discover the history of the pond and the Canal de la Sauldre, as well as the natural richness of the site.


The 24/04/2024

  • Wednesday : from 09h00

The 01/05/2024

  • Wednesday : from 08h00

The 12/05/2024

  • Sunday : from 08h00

The 09/06/2024

  • Sunday : from 07h00

The 11/07/2024

  • Thursday : from 07h00

The 19/10/2024

  • Saturday : from 09h00

The 02/11/2024

  • Saturday : from 09h00


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Full adult price 3€

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Escapades nature à l’étang du Puits

Etang du Puits


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