Fall has arrived, the summer colors give way to the ocher colors so characteristic of autumn but above all, hoarse cries are heard in the forest… The beginning of autumn heralds a spectacular event in Sologne ! The squall of the deer.

A rivalry between male more than a simple love quest

It is love season for the Forest Lord ! So do not be surprised if, at the first light of day or at sunset, you hear the long groans… These are the rutting deer that make their famous “squall” sound to mark their territory and establish their reputation.

During this period, the rules of the game are simple : it is “Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth“. The does are in period of fertility and the deer in period of rut. Young deer will do anything to conquer their female, no matter the old males who try to preserve their herd.

Between the impressive roars and the clashing woods, the fights between males can be quite violent, even fatal ! The winner will keep his territory while the loser will have to come back later if he wishes to try again.

The experience of old males VS the ardor of young deers !

The squall is a very trying time for the dominant males. Between combat, intimidation and mating, the respite is short-lived ! Therefore, they eat little and can lose up to 20 pounds. Advantage for young males !

The squall season will end with the mating. By May or June, some young fawns will be born !

Do not miss this striking spectacle, where each year, at the beginning of autumn, the squall resonates in the forests of Sologne. The deer engage in grueling battles to conquer their doe.

Where and when to hear the deer’s squall

You can here it from late September to early October. This is the ideal time to observe deer and does because they are much less fearful, too focused on their love affairs…

Guided observations by specialists is strongly recommended.

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