Fall has settled in, which means that here in Berry, in the casserole dishes, some delicious little dishes are simmering where the lentil is queen ! Appreciated for its multiple virtues, the little green pearl can be eaten in savory or sweet recipes.

Small by its size, big by its taste

Produced in the Centre Val de Loire region, the little green pearl pairs wonderfully with Montbéliard sausage, petit salé or smoked salmon. It also reveals its subtle chestnut aromas in the heart of a cake, in the form of flour. So many pleasures to share and discover.

Grown in the middle of Berry Champagne between Cher and Indre, a stony soil and a mild climate are at the origin of this so special and inimitable flavor. Lentils are sown in the spring for harvest in late summer. A selective and rigorous triage follows. It will then be put on the market in mid-September, to enhance our dishes and inspire restaurant owners in the region.

A lens acclaimed for its virtues

Registered in the gastronomic heritage of Berry, the green lentil of Berry is the first dried vegetable to obtain in 1996 the Label Rouge “Guarantee of superior quality”. Followed in 1998 by an IGP (Protected Geographical Indication).

Considered to be a “poor man’s dish” at the start of the XXth century, they have now known how to regain their credentials. Praised by many chefs for their virtues, they are making a comeback on our plates.

Containing 7 times more iron than spinach, it turns out to be a great ally for our health. So there is no more reason to do without !

Camille has tested the recipe for waffles with green lentil flour from Berry for you : a real delight


– 250g of green lentils flour from Berry (little tip: mix your lentils directly in a food processor to obtain flour)
– 1 teaspoon of salt
– 4 eggs
– 75g of melted butter
– ½ sachet of baking powder
– 150 ml of milk
– 150 ml of water
– 60g of sugar
– 2 sachets of vanilla sugar
– 1 soup spoon of oil

Mix all your ingredients with a mixer then let stand 30 minutes. Cook for 3 minutes in a waffle iron. Now, all you have to do is eat ! For more sweetness, you can garnish your waffles with a spoon of honey.

Camille’s little extra : add a glass of chestnut beer instead of the yeast to accentuate the flavors !