In Sainte-Montaine, small village of 186 inhabitants, the Marguerite Audoux Museum is dedicated to the fascinating and unusual life of the woman who was once shepherdess, then seamstress and at last, a famous author. Her amazing destiny is brought to light in a modern and interactive atmosphere !

The fabulous destiny of Marguerite Audoux…

Marguerite Audoux, from her real name Marguerite Donquichote, was born in Sancoins in 1863. At 14 years old, this young orphan was made a shepherdess in a solognote farm in Sainte-Montaine. She will be kicked out 4 years later before she fell in love with the owner’s son.

After she has been a seamstress in Paris, Marguerite Audoux found success in the literature field. In 1910, she published her first autobiographical novel « Marie-Claire » for which she won the Fémina prize at the end of the year 1910. A success and a beautiful revenge on life and an example of tenacity. Her life in Sologne, a land for which she will always be nostalgic, will have greatly inspired her.

Her incredible destiny is brought to light all year long in a museum that bears her name, in Sainte-Montaine.

… brought to light thanks to an interactive exhibition

Throughout your visit, you will discover the enthralling and atypical route dedicated to the woman called « the Seamstress of Letters ». In a modern and interactive atmosphere, Dans une ambiance moderne et interactive, you will go back in time and discover the world of « Marie-Claire » through the unique and authentic collection of her personal objects which punctuate the course: her furniture, her correspondence with her numerous artistic connections, original manuscripts, her writing accessories, sewing notebooks, paintings and family photos…

Movies on the big screen, audio documents, light effects, touch screens… Today’s scenographic means are numerous to make us relive the incredible life of this woman of letters !